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Life Story Theatre
PO Box 451
Sharon, MA 02067


Welcome to Life Story Theatre

A world where stories come to life through the visual and performing arts.

Time was when the history and experiences of individuals and communities were remembered, shared and brought to life by the storytellers of each tradition and culture. These tellers would roam from hamlet to village to city where they would highlight the everyday experiences of its people.

Life Story Theatre is rooted in this ancient tradition where visual and performing artists join together to celebrate the mysteries and miracles that touch all lives. For over twenty years we have presented innovative and inspiring programs nationally and internationally at theatres, universities, schools, festivals and communities to resounding acclaim.

Our mission is to gather together the thread and fabric from the lives of people, and weave them into rich, multi-layered tapestry that is revealed through story, song and the visual arts. From these lovely tableaux we create original arts projects that honor the experiences and dreams of individuals, families and homes.

To journey further into the world of Life Story Theatre and learn how its artists and programs can bring joy, healing and discovery to you and your community, we invite you to explore our site.

To learn more about the residents of our village, please click on:
Alan O'Hare, Artistic Director
Board of Founders

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