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2010 Highlights

We wish you a healthy and happy life's journey sharing joyous stories with your friends and families, and in celebrating life's magical gifts as you travel to the inner and outer worlds of your imagination.

This is also a good time for us to update you on the many rewarding programs and performances that we have been fortunate to share with so many inspiring people and communities this past year. It has truly been filled with a wealth of blessings, and we are grateful to our creative colleagues with whom we have been fortunate to collaborate.

Our special features below will spotlight two of our highly acclaimed programs, as well as a charming new book of short stories. Please share the news of these sites with your families and friends, as well as your schools, communities, churches, temples and organizations. To learn more about these programs, please click on the following sites.

Love Mary B: A Teacher's Life
An inspiring drama that celebrates the art and gifts of teaching and learning.

Celebrate Your Life Story
An original multi-arts creation designed with you to highlight the gifts and accomplishments of your family, community or organization.

Reviews of 2009
Please visit our exciting programs from this past year as well as our future inspiring programs.