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An American Seanchie:
Home to Ireland and Beyond

Alan O'Hare

"An American Seanchie: Home to Ireland and Beyond" is a collection of magical and mystical tales as told through the voice and imagination of a Celtic storyteller. The reader is invited to journey into a world of fascinating stories evoked by endless and touching encounters with its people, land and traditions. In each of these moments is revealed a magical thread that brings to life the visions of home that are unknown, yet hauntingly familiar at the same time.

As the seanchie journeys throughout Ireland, each thread becomes interwoven with others until it reveals a life-giving tapestry of legacy and dreams of this world and the beyond. It is here that he discovers a new land filled with images and mirrors of ancestral people and places, tragedies and triumphs of the past, and hopeful prayers for a new day. In this tapestry he witnesses a faith held with tender care in the hearts and souls of the Irish people, as it is in so many other cultures. For here in Ireland the past is now, the future is now, both embraced in the mystery and miracle of the present.

The dreams reaching out to readers from within this book will evoke stories to resonate with life-long memories, questions and discoveries of their own hearts. It is here they will open doors to hidden family cottages where the embers of a gentle turf fire still burn.

Come join us now as we sit by the hearth, have a cup of tea, a slice of soda bread and share a story or two as all are welcomed home to Ireland and beyond.

Table of Contents

Foreword - An introduction to the reader about the origins and inspiration for this book, as well as to Sean K. Hehir, a magical guide throughout the journey. His experiences will provide an overview of the role of stories in the Irish tradition, and how they celebrate the mysteries and miracles of its people, land and history.

Passports and Prayers - A discovery of an ancient passport at a sacred meeting on the eve of the journey home.

Welcome Home - The magic of doors and hearts are opened for the strangers coming across the fields.

A Calling from the Land - A whimsical encounter with an ancient wise man and his secrets from pastures and hills.

Back to the Old Country - A joyous festival with forgotten ancestors at the family hearth.

Angels We Have Heard on High - In an ancient chapel a mystical gathering with five lost angels in search of a sign.

Pilgrimage to Fanore - A holy retreat between a lost pilgrim and her gifted teacher at the crossroads of the world.

Confessions from the Bedroom - A gathering of tellers celebrate hilarious and poignant tales of penance and healing.

Home to the Deer - An abandoned island birthplace uncovers buried secrets of oppression and freedom.

Boarding the Boat - A voyage to Uruguay reveals parallel experiences for the seanchie.

At Long Last Love - An intimate reunion of exiled lovers at the edge of the sea.

One Potato More - Haunting echoes from the days of the famine.

A Day Like This - Buried secrets in a forgotten village on the revolution for freedom.

Dancing in the Grave - A magical discovery at an ancient graveyard festival.

Cain and Abel at Corrymeela - The haunting tragedy of estranged brothers in a village of hope.

A Final Midnight Stroll - A gathering of the clan with the fairies from the fields.

Come Home to Ireland and Beyond
We invite you to sample two of our chapters with a bit of tea and soda bread. We'll provide the following stories while you enjoy the refreshments.

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Words of Praise

Welcome Home Excerpt

Home to the Deer Excerpt

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