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River Heart

A lyric ensemble of medieval music and mystical tales

Time was when travelling musicians and storytellers would visit the hamlets, cities and royal courts to celebrate the lives, loves and dreams of all its people.

All would expectantly gather to listen to the songs of their hearts, to caress the tapestry of their dreams and to celebrate the triumphs of their spirit.

For in these melodies and tales, they were transported from the chores and tasks of their daily lives to the sound of a morning lark awakening them to a new day of promise, to early visions of oceans and mountains yet to be discovered, to sweet whispers and the tender kiss of a first love, and to the Holy presence written in the hands of a sweet child held by a sacred elder.

From this time gone by, there is a stream that gently flows from the mountains of our memories and gathers with it all these images, fragrances and sounds. It flows into our hearts. A river that awakens us to a sweet promise of a time gone by. It weaves an ancient labyrinth through our inner landscape, and reunites us with the memories of our ancestors and dreams of our children.

It is from this heritage that RiverHeart has found its way into your midst, and we welcome you to revisit these memories and dreams all resting in the quiet corners of your heart.

Come journey with us as we explore this world gone by and recall enchanting songs and magical stories from the tradition of the Middle Ages of our hearts and souls.

Listen. It is the calling of your mystic father from another time, another place leading you on an uncharted path to hope and promise.

Listen. It is the sweet rhythm of your ancient mother's song opening new doors through the gift of her wisdom and love.


To learn more about River Heart:

River Heart Flyer

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