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Tales and Songs of the Seanchie

We all recall with joy a special story and storyteller from our childhood. This feeling is reawakened with surprise and delight once again when we hear those voices and songs in ourselves.

For centuries, people in all cultures joined together to witness the mysteries and miracles of their lives through telling the tale and hearing the music. Today this magic happens once again when communities come together to share and sing with each other.

Life Story Theatre invites you to join the stories and music of the Seanchie, a storyteller in the Gaelic tradition, in a world where stories of the heart and spirit come to life through drama and music. In this gathering discover a gift that will deepen the bonds of your community in laughter, hope and caring.

Mark Lipman grew up in a family of singers and artists. As a child, he knew he'd always have art and music to meet people and make friends. He has his Master's Degree in Expressive Therapies from Lesley University. Currently he writes and performs original music for his group, The Mark Lipman Band, as well as music for theater and video productions.

Alan O'Hare is a Seanchie, a storyteller from the ancient Celtic tradition, who has created many original stories and awakened the tales of countless people and communities. He is also Director of Life Story Theatre where he has written, directed and performed original plays and videos nationally and internationally.