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Irene Solea Antonellis is a vocalist who has performed throughout the Greater Boston area, and also is the director of the Suffolk University A Capella Chorus that has toured widely. She has also developed a career as a lead vocalist in various studio projects, including a soon to be released CD with international composer and performer, NH Sarkissian. In addition, Irene is the founder and director of Global Harmony Project.

Barbara Bourgeois has been acting in the Boston area for over 15 years. Some of her favorite roles include Marion Ball in Dreams Once Lost, Mary in Love Mary B, Jennie in A Murder of Crows and Nell in Haiku, for which she won the NETC Best Actress award. She has also been seen in local and national television commercials.

Paul D'Espinosa is a poet, short story writer and editor of Bluster, a literary magazine. He also wrote the play, An Evening with Sonny and Gloria, performed at the Boston Center for the Arts. In addition, he was co-producer of the Boston premiere of A Trio of Duets.

Ann Marie Grady, CSJ is a nationally known visual artist specializing in photography. Her artwork has appeared in Soundings, and numerous other publications. She has also co-authored with poetess, Cheryl Willett, Layered Worlds: The Look of Alzheimer's. She has had shows at several galleries including Regis College, and her work will be highlighted in the LST Spring 2006 production of Songs of Remembrance in Boston.

Gary Henoch is an international cinematographer and film director, and for the past several years has also acted in a number of regional performances with Southwick Studios in the Boston area. He played the lead in the Boston Center for the Arts production of An Evening with Sonny and Gloria.

Peter Hughes is a concert violinist, who has performed for several years with orchestras in Boston, Worcester and New Bedford. He has also performed with many stage productions with the Lyric Stage Company, the Publick Theatre and Boston Children's Theatre. In addition, he also tours in the LST presentation of Tales and Songs of the Shenachie.

Steven Liebman (RiverHeart) is a guitarist, lutenist and Turkish string player who has performed extensively in this country and abroad.

Mark Lipman, M. A. writes and performs original music for his group, The Mark Lipman Band, as well as music for theater and video productions.

Ed Merck (RiverHeart) is a historical wind player, who has performed nationally and in Europe with several renaissance and medieval chamber ensembles.

Alan O'Hare is the founder and artistic director of Life Story Theatre (LST), and has written and directed several plays regionally and nationally, including Dreams Once Lost and Circles in Time. He has also acted in several dramas and videos regionally and nationally. At his roots, Alan is a shenachie, a Celtic storyteller, who celebrates the mysteries and miracles of everyday lives and communities.

Allison Ruda is an Instructional Designer at Emerson College. She is also the founder of the Memory and Media project which pairs early-stage Alzheimer's patients and their caregivers with multimedia producers (including videographers & editors, photographers, and other graphic artists) who work with them to create digital portraits of the patients.

Richard Seaman is starring in Long Term Care, an independent film which will premiere on the West Coast on March 24, 2006. Richard also performs in regional theater in the Port Angeles, WA area. In addition to his performances in A Doll's House, Betrayal and The Dining Room, one of his favorite roles was as Edmund in the LST production of Dreams Once Lost.

Mary B, a teacher for over forty years, was also a community organizer and activist for children and elders. She resided in New Jersey where she was a gifted and compassionate storyteller. Mary touched the hearts and souls of countless people throughout the country with her stories. To learn more about her, please visit the Love Mary B page.

C. A. Willett, who has been writing poetry since 1995, focuses on women, community and social issues such as domestic violence and a profound need for peace. She also focuses on the natural world, and the certainty of the human spirit to create a more sound future. She holds a B. A. from Regis College in Weston, MA and is a Poet Laureate.