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Circles in Time

A powerful and touching drama of wisdom and courage inspired by the lives and memoirs of Amalia Canna and Elaine Siegel.

Created and directed by Alan O'Hare

Photo by Ann Grady, CSJ

Circles in Time, a compelling music drama of courage and hope, is based on the parallel life experiences of Elaine Siegel and Amalia Canna growing up in Germany and Italy during World War II, and their journey to America.

Today, Elaine Siegel is an internationally renowned psychoanalyst and a pioneer in the world of psychoanalytic dance; Amalia Canna is a leading fashion designer with a celebrated international house of design. They each take great joy in celebrating their lives and heritage with their children and grandchildren.

But during the 1930s and 1940s, Elaine was a young Jewish girl living with her family in Berlin in constant risk and danger, and Amalia grew up in a small northern Italian village surrounded by the loss and devastation of war.

In the face of these overwhelming challenges, they shared a hope that one day they would come to America, and realize their dreams. This story is the depiction of these journeys and the discovery of their parallel stories sixty years later.

Circles in Time celebrates the lives of all people who come to America in search of their dreams.

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