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Sooty Comes To Visit

Welcome to the world of Sooty the Suitcase, and her wonderful travels and adventures with Grampo.

Written and Directed by Alan O'Hare

Time was when Sooty was at home resting with her big brothers and sisters in their special closet. They were taking turns talking about some of their favorite journeys with Grampo.

Ribbons and Bows, the red and blue twins with silver handles, were remembering when they went  Christmas shopping in New York City.  As usual they were finishing each other's stories.

Tug, the rough and ready backpack, recalled the special hikes they went on together. He even remembered how he and Grampo once were caught in a thunderstorm, and how they had to find a cave to stay safe and dry.

Then Bulk, the king of the suitcases, spoke. Everybody listened because he had traveled to places  they could only dream of, and he could still hold more clothes and souvenirs than each of them.

He talked about the time they went on a safari to Africa, where they saw lions, tigers and yes, bears. They went into jungles where a suitcase had never been before.

Sooty was so excited listening to their stories, she began to talk about her special trips to Paris and  Rome when Grampo was still a young man. She remembered seeing the Eiffel Tower and the Coliseum.

Bulk made a squawking noise with his handle, and interrupted her, "That's very nice, Sooty, but that was a long, long time ago. Grampo hasn't brought you with him recently because..."

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